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About Us

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We feel that we have something for everyone; our students range in ages three through adult, and we offer a variety of classes that are rare to find in the Willamette Valley, especially all in one place! "Performing Arts" schools that offer all-three-areas of the performing arts are typically found in more urban territories, so our small Silverton community has something really special to offer. In fact, according to our research, we are THE ONLY year round "performing arts" school in Oregon, other than colleges!

The Academy classes are a wide range of dance disciplines such as ballet (foundation of all dance), jazz, tap, theater dance, modern, belly dancing, ballroom and Latin dance. Our Theatre program, which continues to grow and expand offers drama classes to ages 3 through adult as well as stage craft, technical arts, stage make-up, costuming and accents & dialects. Music is an important part of our Academy and continues to grow as well. Currently we offer Kindermusik, Choir & Voice lessons for both children and adults, Drumming, Guitar, Beginners Band, and an All Stars Jazz Band Ensemble. Fitness classes are sprinkled through out our schedules as well to include Zumba Aerobic Dance Fitness, Pilates and Yoga.

Additionally, we offer Saturday workshops quarterly that range from ballroom and belly dancing to choreography such as Michael Jackson's Thriller, and many other fun events such as Latin/Salsa parties, Ballroom, and more. 

We are growing quickly and adding quality instructors and classes as we grow. We keep our class sizes small to give each student the attention they deserve. For more information see our class list, schedule or contact Marta Stovin by our email link to receive our packet of information.

Our History

American Academy of Performing Arts Co. (AAPAC) was founded in 1999 in Silverton, Oregon by Marta Stovin, owner and director of the school.

In the beginning, AAPAC mainly consisted of Marta (then Miss Hazekamp) free lance teaching, dancing and choreographing at various schools, theatres and summer camps throughout Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New Jersey and New York... but her vision was always much more than just a school name.

After her departure from teaching dance and drama at the Silverton YMCA, Marta's students asked where they could follow her to continue learning under her guidance. With a sense of urgency to find space to hold classes, Trinity Lutheran Church of Silverton was happy to share their basement fellowship room with AAPAC for over a year. Positive words spread about AAPAC and so it grew.... With it's growth came financial stability and a need for bigger space, and so in May of 2007 the academy moved into the historic Odd Fellows building at the corner of First street and Main Street. Within 15 months AAPAC outgrew that new space, and so in September 2008 we moved into 202 E. Main Street at the corner of Water Street, where we had 3,000 sq feet of studio space. Today, our home is still located in the heart of downtown Silverton, but at 222 High Street (historically known as the old JC Penny building or the old Nautilus Gym) with about 6,000 SF.  

Mrs. Stovin's vision for the school was, and continues to be, one that Develops Artistic Diversity, through providing high quality classes in all areas of the performing arts at an affordable tuition so that anyone may participate in the programs if they so desire, regardless of their income. The academy promotes a sense of positive community; we encourage our students to support each other like a family and discourage cliques, "diva's" or "prima donnas", egos and negativity in general. All ages, shapes, sizes and cultures are made to feel welcome. In addition, AAPAC strives to offer areas of the performing arts that aren't as readily accessible to the general public in efforts to enrich our culture within the community.

Whenever possible, all three areas of our school (dance, drama and music students) perform together. Historically, this is each spring in our big musical of the year. We feel performing together gives the students a greater understanding of the bigger picture of the performing arts, and is part of the education we provide. They also see how each area of the performing arts enhances the others.

We do not "judge students by their covers" (weight, height, race, religion, social status, etc), nor do we tolerate students or affiliates who attempt to judge other students by their covers. We offer a fun and friendly, welcoming, progressive environment, yet we are very strict with our expectations and follow through when it comes to attendance, tardiness, classroom ettiquete, dress code, technique, respect and kindness to others. To learn the performing arts and to become artists takes respect and discipline along with love for all arts and acceptance of all people. Whether or not you may decide to have a professional performing arts career, at AAPAC you will learn etiquette, appreciation and important life lessons that will help you to advance and succeed in any field, and along the way you will have fun making great memories.  

Our Building & Classroom Space

We are so proud of our new building! We spent the summer of 2011 remodeling the space to suit our needs. We now have 3 large classrooms, a large lobby and boutique area (with Free Wifi!), 3 restrooms; two upstairs with 2 showers in each of them and one downstairs that is handicap accessible, 2 extra dressing rooms, and practice rooms. We built a top-notch state-of-the-art sprung hardwood dance floor (sprung means that its floating and is framed on rubber pads to add flex, good for the joints and the best for dancers!). Each dance studio has a great sound system and mixer. Studio A has the sprung dance floor and is 1500 SF. Studio B is also a wood sub floor but has a professional dance "marley" (Harlequin) dance floor surface. The music/drama room is carpeted for sound absorbtion and is complete with a piano, sound system and hand instruments. Here are a few pictures!


Above: Studio A (2 views) and Lobby & Boutique. Below: Birdseye of lobby from staircase that leads to Studio B, bathrooms, dressing rooms and practice rooms.